Все даты съемок, забронированные в период пандемии Covid-19, можно перенести без потери предоплаты

Weddings in Europe

- Online consultation / meeting
- Minimum 500 photographs
Announcement: the first photos already on the wedding day
- Processing photos will take only 1 month
- You will get all photos on a flash in a special designed wooden box + 20 printed photographs 
- I have a Schengen visa
- You don't need to pay for my flight and accommodation
4-5 hours - 600 €
8-12 hours - 900 €

* Prices are available for any city in the EU countries

        - Reservation of the date and time for photo shoot is carried out on an advance payment of 20%.

        - For cities / countries not listed above, specify the cost in person.


To ask a question or book a photo shoot, you can contact me in any convenient way:

Via phone/WhatsApp


My e-mail: borisenoknika@gmail.com

And social nets: